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Igor's amazing transformation

A nose injury rocked his self-esteem and derailed his life. A visit from the plastic surgeon dr. Glumičiću changed all that., Slovenia, May 14th, 2015

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Dr. Glumičić's interview with Story

Widely known cosmetic surgeon dr. Siniša Glumičić is an expert in many areas, especially when it comes to the face.

Story, Slovenia, December 19th, 2013

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A more beautiful person is a happier person

Well, I admit that we have clients who actually want to have a “plastic look”, said Dr. Siniša Glumičić

Story, Slovenia, 2009

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Face lift irreplaceable even today!

Patients are often surprised by the quick recovery and painlessness of the whole procedure. Most patients can go back to their everyday activities as early as in ten days, and the achieved result, i.e. refreshed appearance, lasts for the next ten years or even longer.

Smile, issue 11, March 2012

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Huge potential of fat tissue

Correction of wrinkles and scars and replacement of implants
– We asked Siniša Glumičić, an aesthetic surgeon, everything you ever wanted to know about fat tissue use in aesthetic surgery.
– 6 facts about the most popular topic in aesthetic surgery now

Jutarnji list/Anti-age, spring 2012

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Personal identity cards of leading Croatian experts for timeless beauty

‘People invest in beauty even during the crisis’ – Siniša Glumičić, MD
‘People have an inborn wish for beauty’ – Ivo Džepina, MD, PhD

Jutarnji list/Anti-age, 2010

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Even Croatia can sometimes...

Panic raised due to questionable PIP implants has not bypassed Croatia. There was a lot of talk about this issue, only to come to the conclusion that they were never used in the Croatian clinics.

StoryBook, column Under the Knife, 2012

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Tonino Picula: New EU look

Picula’s new look for the European parliament, an otoplasty.  “I’ve known for a long time I can hear just as well with small ears, but it was hard to do something about it. Now I can hear just fine and I feel even better!”

24 sata, issue 2942, July 3rd, 2013

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Operation: Perfect Body

15 things about aesthetic interventions for men.
Women would mostly like men to ‘fix’ the belly and lift the face. Penis enlargement has never been requested by women – men do it for themselves!

Insider, issue 4, March 2008

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Painlessly and without blood against excessive fat

Dr. Siniša Glumičić, who also “fixed” many Slovenian women, started to remove the most obstinate fat deposits with a syringe.

7 dni, Slovenia, 3 November 2004

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Journalist Berta Dodevska and Siniša Glumičić

Berta Dodevska: Success is not to be waited for, it is to be grabbed.

Vikend Dnevnik, issue 110, Macedonia, 13 May 2000

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Aesthetic intervention on the face of Lejla Šehović

Miss Croatia has undergone a nose operation at a reputable Zagreb surgeon…
A new nose for new challenges.

Gloria, 1998

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Bigger breasts and a new nose for a Serbian singer and Slovenian beauty queens

I am happy to have at least three or four nose operations in a day.
Nose operation is a great challenge for me as every nose is a new riddle.

Arena, issue 2233, 2003

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The first Croat to have admitted a face-lifting

BOOM of male aesthetic operations in Croatia – 30 percent of patients are men.
Srećko Pavić (66), a hotelier from Tisno on the island of Murter has undergone a face-lifting, an aesthetic operation of rejuvenation: “Before an aesthetic operation I was pretty, and now I am even prettier, and I like it.”

Nacional, issue 430, 10 February 2004

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Dr. Siniša Glumičić: No waiting in my clinic

Siniša Glumičić’s polyclinic functions as a true Swiss watch: although nice nurses keep running to and fro and everybody is busy all the time, the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. Even dr. Glumičić himself is like that, always on the move, and yet always kind and charming…

Lady, issue 4, September 1999

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"A magician" who has changed the appearance of many Croatian women

As we have been haunted for centuries now by the cult of a beautiful body, the humanity’s judgement of what is attractive or not, we ask ourselves if there is one person at all who is completely satisfied with his/her appearance, who is convinced to have no flaw on his/her body?

Vjesnik, Caffe, issue 101, 12 November 2003

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Aesthetic surgeon Dr. Siniša Glumičić - Interview

Every man/woman, whether we wish to admit or not, feels better if he/she looks good… We all like to see a beautiful woman, a dressed-up man, either because of media that is bombing us with pretty faces and bodies every day, or because of our own sense of aesthetics… Cosmetics and aesthetic surgery in the last ten years have been developing at an incredible speed…

Beauty & fitness, N° 0, September 1994

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