Certain facial wrinkles, various scars and skin changes can be treated very effectively with chemical peelings, skin abrasion or dermabrasion, or laser abrasion. These methods can be combined together and with other aesthetic procedures such as face lifting etc.
They are generally performed under local anaesthesia, and the recovery, depending on the method, lasts from a few days to two weeks.

The method of choice for skin renewal, or as the Americans call it “A HEALTHY GLOW” – is a chemical peel using TCA acid (trichloroacetic acid). Using a 30-35% TCA acid solution accomplishes a very even removal of the surface epithelium layer, which removes surface pigmentation, keratotic skin changes, reduces skin wrinkles, and stimulates the production of the person’s collagen, achieving a better tightness of the face. The effect of such chemical peelings lasts for up to two years, and the procedure itself lasts around 15 minutes, without the need for anaesthesia, while the recovery lasts 4 – 6 days.