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I have contacted doctor Glumičić’s polyclinic for the first time a few years ago… I say “the first time”, because anyone who enters this institution and goes through a procedure can be certain of what I am about to say now: once a client, always a client. The interior looks more like a luxurious hotel than a medical institution, the medical personnel is helpful and always pleasant, and the most important thing – you are placed in the hands of an expert in whom you can freely confide, being certain of the objectivity of his assessment, given information, and the promised outcome. I have already recommended doctor Glumičić to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, so the circle of faithful clients is most certainly increasing with every year.

Nikolina Pišek

TV personality

I have known Siniša for a number of years and have always had maximum trust in him, his work and his clinic. People close to me and I are extremely happy with his services. I recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Anica Kovač

Miss Croatia 1995.

I had a nose operation at doctor Glumičić’s clinic after a few of my acquaintances have done the same, and I am more than pleased with the result and functionality. The whole process was pain-free, which is why I recommend the doctor and his whole team.

Domen Kumer

Slovenian singer

Dear devoted fans of doctor Glumičić and his work, it is my great honour to have an opportunity to share a few words on my introduction to my favourite doctor and his team. This was a long time ago, in 2007, when I decided to make a minor adjustment on my body (for health reasons – as it is popular to say among celebrities) and decided to visit doctor Glumičić among numerous options, based on a confidential recommendation and my intuition. Although I am not a fan of preconceptions and expectations, they were on my mind at my first consultation. Of course, as it always happens, at the very entrance I was taken aback by the kindness, naturalness, as well as the appearance of his staff. Through the luxurious interior of the clinic at the very heart of the complex I was brought to the doctor’s office, where I was greeted by a warm, friendly, smiling, and most of all, professional young man. It was doctor Glumičić who has changed my life for the better. A minor adjustment made in co-operation with his team has made me a happy woman to this day and attracts attention wherever I appear. I recommend this team as the safest and most professional team in this part of the region with full confidence, and I am certain that, as years pass, I will continue to return faithfully to doctor Glumičić’s office.

Ana Gruica


I visited doctor Glumičić for a rhinoplasty procedure which successfully corrected the deviation, i.e. constriction of the right nostril and helped in achieving the aesthetic symmetry of my entire face, while keeping its physiognomy and naturalness. My nose is functional at last. I am not experiencing problems while singing and breathing as before, and I am also happy with my appearance. Besides, doctor Glumičić is kind, thorough and supported by an exceptional team of people.

Žanamari Lalić,


I heard of doctor Glumičić from several friends who were satisfied with the corrective procedures performed at his clinic. Although I have visited a few similar institutions, after the first consultation with doctor Glumičić in Zagreb I had no more doubts and decided to perform my breast and nose correction at his institution. I am extremely happy with the results, and in two years following the procedure I have not experienced a single problem.

Maja Curavić

Miss Multiverse 2012 Croatia

Several years ago I experienced serious problems with breathing due to a deviated septum. Doctor Glumičić solved my problem through an operative procedure, without any pain, and I was able to return to my everyday commitments in 8 days. I am more than happy with the outcome of the procedure and the complete service.

Rene Bitorajac


Siniša performed a procedure on my nose a few years ago, primarily for breathing purposes, and I am extremely satisfied with the results, both in the functional and aesthetic sense. Complete recovery took only 7 days and there was no pain. I recommend Siniša, his whole team and clinic with full confidence.

Tomislav Jelić


After an unsuccessful procedure in Poland, I heard of doctor Glumičić from another model 10 years ago, and decided to repeat a nose and breast procedure at his clinic. I am more than satisfied with the result, I feel great and have recommended doctor Glumičić to many of my colleagues from the world of fashion.

Lena Schachinger

Miss Poland

I believe that caring for your body and appearance is a sign of respecting yourself, so doctor Glumičić and his team have been my first choice for a number of years. I am more than happy with their professionalism, kindness and, most of all, professional service equal to that of the most renowned clinics in the world.

Veljko Marton