Born in Zagreb and raised in a family were both parents were medical doctors, dr Glumičić decided on a medical career in his early childhood.

After finishing secondary education in Boston (Massachusetts, USA), he enrolled in the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine, from which he graduated in 1988 as the youngest medical doctor in Europ. After graduating from medical school, he went to the US, where he spent a year as a visiting physican in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital Clinic for Plastic Surgery, as well as the private institution for aesthetic surgery Boston Cosmetic Surgery Centre.

In 1990, after returning from the US, dr Glumičić started working as an associate and assistant to Prof. Milojević, MD, the doyen of aesthetic surgery in this area, at MILO CLINIC, the only private aesthetic surgery clinic in former Yugoslavia at the time. At the same time, he specialized in head and neck surgery and participated in all courses of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, as well as the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Rceonstructive Surgery, and became their regular member. He is one of the founders and an active member of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, a member of the Croatian Society of Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, and many other professional organizations.

In 1992 dr Glumičić became the head of the Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia.

In 1994 he opened a private surgical practice in Zagreb, which has transformed into specialised  state of the art AESTHETIC SURGERY CENTER ” Glumičić Medical Group” in 1996.

In the last 20 years of practice, Dr Glumičić and his team have operated on more then 10 000 patients and with each new year they try to give the very best of their service, knowledge and capabilities to their new prospective patients.

…beauty is a natural need of every human being…

Viewing continuous education as the basis for a quality service, he regularly visits and actively co-operates with his Croatian and international colleagues, applying gained knowledge and technology at his polyclinic. Doctor Glumičić is also one of the key founders and participators in the FACE TO FACE project – CROATIA, led by a team of American and European specialists for head and neck surgery and sponsored by AAFRPS ( American Academy for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery) that have, on multiple occasions, starting in 1993 ,operated ” pro bono ” on Croatian war victims and children with congenital facial malformations in co-operation with Croatian medical experts. Till now that has been the biggest and most productive medical exchange and ” pro bono” work between Croatia and USA.

With the desire to bring aesthetic surgery closer and to make it more understandable to every interested individual, as well as to refute many taboo topics or misconceptions, doctor Glumičić is a frequent guest lecturer at popular and professional medical and cosmetic conferences, or specialized shows with the topic of human beauty and appearance.

The insistence on a natural look and the use of the latest technology means that every successful aesthetic procedure has to be individually adapted to each patient.

Since 2014, dr Glumičić has become one of the founders and honorary president of Croatian Society for Facial Aesthetics

The Polyclinic’s motto “Beauty is the natural need of every human being” is most certainly the best explanation for the desire of doctor Glumičić and his team to help each person in their pursuit for beauty and improvement.